‘Abbott Elementary’ star Janelle James has fans fuming over ‘sick’ resurfaced joke about playing with her son’s genitalia

Janelle James is facing backlash after fans discovered she previously made a joke about her son’s genitalia in a 2021 Netflix comedy special.

In a newly resurfaced clip, which is from the comedy series called “The Standups,” the “Abbott Elementary” actress recalled seeing her son’s penis and being shocked by how much it had grown since he was a child.

“My youngest son got a dick now,” she said with a smile on her face.

“I didn’t know he had a dick! … They say you blink and you miss it — and it’s true.”

“I was sitting on the edge of my bed and he ran by from the bathroom — I guess he forgot his towel — And I was like, ‘What the f–k was that?’” James recounted.

“Abbott Elementary” star Janelle James is being slammed after her 2021 Netflix special joke about playing with her son’s “pee-pee” resurfaced on the internet.
James made the comment after recalling the moment she accidentally saw her grown son’s penis. Netflix
“I didn’t know he had a dick! … They say you blink and you miss it — and it’s true,” she said. Netflix
She then recalled her son’s penis when he was a baby, saying, “You change the diaper, you play rhythm guitar on the pee-pee.” Netflix

“Like, it blew my mind. That’s a dick!”

James, who has not publicly revealed her age, continued, “That’s a dick that needs a job. Can’t be walking around with all that dick and no income. That’s disrespectful.”

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She then became nostalgic when remembering that her son “used to have a pee-pee.”

“You change the diaper, you play rhythm guitar on the pee-pee,” she explained before making musical noises.

“That’s the best part about having a baby boy!”

James has two sons: one in his early 20s, and one whose age she has not disclosed, per her Variety interview from earlier this year.

James has two sons. Instagram/janellejames
One of her sons is in his early 20s, and she has not disclosed the age of the other. Instagram/janellejames

Fans minced no words when reacting to the viral clip online — with one X user even accusing the comedian of “sexualizing her son & describing molestation.”

“And of course she’s in the proximity of kids as a principal on Abbott Elementary,” they added. “She gotsta go. … Like hello?! Sick.”

“Janelle James … really thought it was cool to get up on that stage and joke and talk about her son’s genitalia,” another slammed. “She is trifling and weird as hell.”

Fans immediately slammed James, calling her joke “sick” and “weird.” Instagram/janellejames

A third disappionted fan added, “Such thoughts should’ve never become publishable material.”

“And moreover, as a boy mom, I was clutching pearls at what she said was the best part about having boys. Girl, WHET?!”

Another user accused James of being a “pedophile” while others called for her to be canceled.

However, some defended her and said people are overreacting. Instagram/janellejames

Page Six did not receive an immediate reply from James’ PR team regarding the backlash she’s facing.

However, not everyone trolled her.

“Janelle James is being dragged for a joke 2yrs ago, but NOTHING else in the special,” one person tweeted.

A second supporter wrote, “Do I think that Janelle James joke was distasteful, yes. Do I think she’s a child predator, no.”

James is best known for playing Ava Coleman in “Abbott Elementary,” which premiered in 2021. ABC

“Its all or nothing with you people like take s–t for what it is sometimes.”

James is best known for her role on the Emmy-winning ABC series, but has worked on shows such as “Black Monday,” “Central Park” and more.

After touring with Chris Rock and Amy Schumer, she was named Variety’s Top Ten Comedians to Watch in 2020.

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