Adam Driver Fans Slam Chris Wallace for Question About Actor's Looks

Adam Driver Fans Come for Host Chris Wallace After He Questions the Actor’s Looks

Adam Driver, Chris Wallace.
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Adam Driver fans are ruthless — just ask host Chris Wallace.

Driver’s rabid fanbase came to the actor’s defense after the Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? host asked the Ferrari star about his looks.

During a Friday, December 1, interview on the Max talk show, Driver, 40, recalled a time he was publicly referred to as a “horse face.”

“I take it with a grain of salt,” Driver said. “I remember reading one reviewer [who wrote], ‘His agent probably doesn’t know whether to put him in a movie or the Kentucky Derby.’”

Adam Driver Fans Come for Host Chris Wallace After He Questions the Actor’s Looks

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When host Wallace, 76, asked Driver whether his looks have been a “help or a hindrance” when it comes to his career, the actor had an honest answer.

“I’ve worked consistently, which is nice, with people that I’ve … dreamed that I wanted to work with,” he explained. “So, in that sense, it hasn’t — I look how I look, I can’t change that. So, I guess it helped me.”

Driver joked that it’s only “a hindrance” when he’s “breaking mirrors wherever I go.” He added, “And having a misshapen, outsized body that I can’t fit through doorways or most clothes or fit into most cars. Apart from that, it’s good.”

Wallace noted that some outlets have compared Driver’s acting skills to that of legendary stars including Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino.

“Those are the actors that made me want to be an actor, you know, so that’s a nice comparison,” Driver said, making it clear that he tries not to “absorb anything” that’s written about him. “I take it, you know, if you believe the good thing, then you have to believe the bad thing.”

While Driver appeared indifferent to the conversation about his looks, the actor’s fans were quick to slam Wallace on social media.

“Chris Wallace, you raggedy bitch! The audacity of you, questioning Adam Driver’s looks,” one social media user tweeted. A second fan wrote, “Chris Wallace called Adam Driver UGLY?!!!??!!??”

A third X user added, “Men like chris wallace look like turtles and look at hotties like adam driver and say ‘why don’t you look like robert redford’ to their face and it truly shows how f–king dumb men are.”

Driver’s response on Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? wasn’t the first time he acknowledged the public’s fascination with his appearance. Previously, Driver was asked about having an “unusual” face per Hollywood’s standards.

“My face is my face. I had a whole life before acting, over the years,” Driver told The Guardian in March 2015. “Lots of things have been said about my face.”

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