Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ exes Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig are dating after bonding over traumatic cheating experience

This is the happy ending we didn’t see coming.

The ex-spouses of scandalous news couple T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have gotten closer, Page Six has exclusively learned.

Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue are dating, according to multiple sources.

We’re told the couple have been dating for about six months after bonding over the traumatic experience of being cheated on.

“It turned into something else, and they’re connected over their values. It’s bigger than the affair now,” one source said.

We’re told the hurt is over, and the duo “has moved on.”

“They’re not heartbroken and sad,” said a source of Shue, 56, and Fiebig, 46. “Everyone has moved on.”

Fiebig and Shue did not immediately comment.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ exes, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, are dating. ajrobach/Instagram
We’re told they’ve been dating for six months. marileefholmes/Instagram
“They’re not heartbroken and sad,” a source said of the exes following Holmes and Robach’s infamous affair. Amy and T.J. Podcast/Instagram

The new relationship comes on the heels of the axed “GMA3” hosts rehashing their love scandal on the premiere episode of their eponymous iHeartRadio podcast Tuesday morning.

In the show, Robach and Holmes insisted they did not cheat on their former spouses with each other.

The axed ABC hosts addressed the allegations of infidelity leveled against them when, they said, their relationship was “outed” in November 2022.

“[We] lost the jobs we love because we love each other,” Holmes, 46, said in the first episode of their “Amy & T.J.” podcast.

“To be clear, we were outed as being in a relationship, but everyone else thought we were being outed as adulterers — being outed as cheating on our spouses — and it wasn’t the case,” he claimed.

Holmes settled his divorce from Fiebig in October. marileefholmes/Instagram
Shue, meanwhile, finalized his divorce from Robach in March. andreweshue/Instagram

Sources told Page Six a different account of the events.

Insiders insisted to us that the alleged affair was a major factor for the pair’s respective divorces, “no matter how they try to spin it,” as one person put it.

For example, sources said, it’s no coincidence that Robach, 50, posted photos with Shue on vacation in Greece in July 2022, three months before her relationship with Holmes was exposed.

During their first podcast, Holmes and Robach claimed they never cheated on their spouses. ajrobach/Instagram

And as for Holmes, sources told us he and Fiebig were still “very much together” when they celebrated his birthday in the Bahamas that August.

In fact, we’re told, it was there that she found a “not professional” birthday card from Robach that addressed him as “my love.”

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The alleged love note further read that they needed to find a way to be together, we’re told.

Former colleagues at ABC buzzed about the romance for years, sources alleged. But Robach and Holmes both have denied they were more than friends before 2022.

“[We] lost the jobs we love because we love each other,” Holmes said on the podcast. New York Road Runners via Getty Images

“We both at that point were in divorce proceedings,” Holmes said on the podcast.

But “Marilee and Andrew had their suspicions. People at ABC were talking about it. It was all confirmed last summer,” the source said.

A rep for Robach and Holmes did not comment.

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