Amy Winehouse’s father suing late singer’s friends for selling her personal belongings at auction

Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, is reportedly taking legal action against two of the late singer’s friends for trying to profit off of her personal property after her death.

The British-born taxi driver, 73, filed a lawsuit with London’s High Court against Naomi Parry and Catriona Gourlay and is seeking £730,000 total, which is more than $930,000, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail.

He reportedly claimed in the filing that the two women put belongings Amy owned throughout her lifetime up for sale at auctions in London this year and in 2021.

Mitch reportedly argued in court docs that because the “Back to Black” singer’s pals listed the items “in their own names and on their own behalf” that his daughter’s property was “converted” to “their own use.”

According to an online bio, Parry worked as Amy’s stylist since 2005.

“Over the next six years she worked, travelled and even lived with Amy,” the website also notes.

Mitch is suing Parry for £534,192.90 — or more than $678,000 — of the total lump sum in damages.

Parry, seen here, reportedly sold Amy’s personal items at a London auction. iamnaomiparry/Instagram

Gourlay, for her part, was close friends with Amy for years, and once spoke about their strong bond in the BBC Two documentary “Reclaiming Amy,” according to the Sun.

Mitch is suing her for £198,041.07, which is more than $250,000, in damages.

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Amy’s estate reportedly released a statement last month about this case, saying, “Two individuals sold a number of items at that auction and have retained the proceeds: the items were all Amy related.

Gourlay, a longtime friend of Amy, is also named in the suit. mittenslap/Instagram

“The estate has questioned how these items came into their possession and has not had satisfactory answers. The estate has therefore launched a legal process to clarify the situation.”

The statement concluded by noting that any money “recovered from either defendant” in the lawsuit will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is a charity in the late musician’s name that aims to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Amy was found dead of an apparent drug overdose at her London apartment in July 2011. She was 27.

Mitch is seeking almost $1 million in damages but has pledged to donate any winnings to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Getty Images

It was later confirmed that the “Rehab” singer passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after a period of abstinence.

In 2014, three years after she died, Mitch revealed that he still talked to his late daughter daily.

“She’s there all right, I feel her, sense her,” he told the Sun at the time.

Amy died in 2011 after years of struggling with substance abuse. FilmMagic
Mitch has said he still feels his late daughter’s presence — even after her death. mitchwinehouse/Instagram

Then in 2018, Mitch shared that he felt Amy’s ghost still visited him, noting that he still had his “moments” with the “You Know I’m No Good” singer — especially on her birthday, which is Sept. 14.

“After three years I was thinking maybe that one day she will come back in some shape or form, and she does come back — not physically, but spiritually — all the time,” the bereaved dad previously told the Sun.

“Her spirit comes and sits on the end of my bed. She just sits there and it looks just like her with her beautiful face and she looks at me. … I get ­nervous with her being there. But it is comforting in a way to know she is here and around me.”

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