Beyoncé fans leave thrift stores struggling to resell unwanted ‘Renaissance’ tour garb: ‘Non stop silver’

At the House of Renaissance, a silver ensemble isn’t just encouraged, but required.

But now that Beyoncé’s epic tour has come to a close, local thrift stores are overrun with the concert uniform, at least one worker has revealed.

Thrift store employee and TikToker @mistervenus9 recently showed off a glittering array of pants, tops and skirts in a video scoring 36,000 views.

“I have seen non stop silver for the last three months,” the content creator captioned the clip, in which she shared footage of silver cargo pants, a reflective skirt, a sparkling two-piece suit and rhinestone studded shoes.

While viewers quipped that the items were perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations, others decried the wasted money.

One TikToker revealed the array of silver clothes given to a local thrift store post-tour. TikTok/@mistervenus9
Pieces included chrome pants, skirts and shoes. TikTok/@mistervenus9

“Yeah i make sure i only get clothes i can keep wearing,” one person snarked.

“The way i thrifted my outfit for the concert bc I knew if I at least didn’t wanna rewear it at least it was already created and thrifted,” argued another.

“Thats why i didnt buy anything silver. I wasnt bouta one & done it,” someone else agreed.

“People are sooo boring for immediately getting rid of this,” commented one TikToker.

“This is actually so sad do people feel like they can’t dress like this outside a concert? why buy it thennnnnn i hate consumerism GAH,” another exasperated viewer lamented.

At the tour, members of the Beyhive arrived in swarms of silver chrome ensembles with matching accessories. The Washington Post via Getty Images
Some outfits mimicked Beyonce’s own concert attire. The Washington Post via Getty Images

The creator, @mistervenus9, explained that they work in “the bougie part of town,” so residents often sell “hundreds of dollars of clothes they’ve never even worn,” calling the phenomenon “so painful.”

Meanwhile, some fans championed other people’s trash as their treasure, saying the outfits are perfect for attending Queen Bey’s “Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce,” which raked in $11.5 million on opening night.

The superstar’s tour was one-third of a very girlboss summer, with Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, the latter of which also resulted in the concert flick “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour.”

Where Swifties dressed as their favorite “era” — or album — and notable ensembles from the pop sensation, members of the Beyhive opted for extravagant costumes that sparkled, shone and even mimicked Beyonce’s concert attire.

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