‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kate Micucci says she’s cancer-free after surgery

Big bang, bye!

“Big Bang Theory” star Kate Micucci is officially cancer-free. The actress shared the health update in a new TikTok.

“Hey everyone! I just wanted to thank you all so much for the good wishes and all the love that I have received this past week,” she said Saturday. “It meant so much to me and really came at a time that I really needed it so thank you.”

“I have great news, which is that I am cancer-free!” she continued. “The surgery last week went great. All the reports came back that it worked, I don’t need to do any other treatment. So big thank you to all my doctors and nurses and everyone that took just really great care of me. And thanks to figuring it out early because I am very very lucky and I know that.”

“I’m just really grateful that things worked out as they did. I’m feeling really good today and I’m honestly just so excited and truly grateful,” she went on. “So thank you all for all the prayers and wishes. I’m just glad I can report some good news to you.”

Kate Micucci revealing that she is cancer-free. TikTok/@katiemicucci
Kate Micucci revealed last week that she was diagnosed with cancer. TikTok/@katiemicucci

The actress, who has a 3-year-old son with musician husband Jake Sinclair, 38, then noted that she’s “excited to hang with my little boy for Christmas” amid the happy news. At the end of the clip, her son then ran up to her and gave her a kiss.

The comedian revealed last week that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer.

“Hey everybody, this is not a TikTok, it’s a ‘Sick Tok.’ I’m in the hospital but it’s because I had lung cancer surgery yesterday,” she said at the time.

Kate Micucci at the premiere of A24’s “Dicks: The Musical” at Fine Arts Theatre in September in Beverly Hills. WireImage
Kunal Nayyar and Kate Micucci on “The Big Bang Theory.” MONTY BRINTON/CBS VIA GETTY

“They caught it really early. It’s really weird, because I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life so uh, you know, it was a surprise.”

“But also I guess it happens,” she said in her video, referring to non-smokers getting lung cancer. “And so the greatest news is they caught it early, they got it out, I’m all good.”

In the comments section, she elaborated how her doctor detected the cancer.

Kate Micucci shared a video from the hospital via TikTok. TikTok/@katiemicucci
Kate Micucci and her son via TikTok celebrating being cancer-free. TikTok/@katiemicucci

“I had one thing in my bloodwork that came back really high … It was HCRP … not sure what that is exactly but I guess it means there is inflammation somewhere,” Micucci said. “So I went to a preventative doc who did a few scans. He scanned my heart and that’s where the spot in my lung was noticed.”

Micucci is best known for her work in “Raising Hope,” voicing Velma Dinkley in multiple on-screen projects, including in the TV series “Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!,” and playing Lucy in Seasons 6 and 7 of “The Big Bang Theory.” Her character later returned for Season 10.

She’s also appeared on “How I Met Your Mother,” “Scrubs,” “‘Til Death,” “Motorcity” and “Out There.”

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