Why Chris Cuomo Thinks Sylvester Stallone Is a Joke

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo slams actor Sylvester Stallone as a joke in a podcast interview

Chris Cuomo, the former CNN anchor who was fired for helping his brother Andrew Cuomo deal with a sexual misconduct scandal, has a beef with Sylvester Stallone. In a recent appearance on “The Adam Friedland Show”, Cuomo called the legendary actor a “cartoonish fool” and said he didn’t love any of his iconic characters, such as Rocky and Rambo.

Cuomo’s rant came after Friedland compared his former co-worker Wolf Blitzer to a Stallone character, saying he was “the exemplar of everything we wanted to be”. Cuomo disagreed, saying that Blitzer was “an earnest good guy” while Stallone was a “cartoonish fool”. He added that he didn’t find any of Stallone’s characters appealing or inspiring.

Stallone, who is widely considered one of the greatest screen stars of all time, has played some of the most memorable roles in cinema history, such as the underdog boxer Rocky Balboa, the Vietnam veteran John Rambo, and the mercenary Barney Ross. His films have grossed over $4 billion worldwide and have earned him three Oscar nominations.

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Cuomo’s comments have sparked backlash from fans of Stallone, who accused him of being jealous, bitter, and disrespectful. Some pointed out that Cuomo’s own character was questionable, given his involvement in his brother’s scandal and his alleged sexual harassment of a former colleague. Others defended Stallone’s legacy and praised his work ethic and talent.

Stallone has not responded to Cuomo’s remarks yet, but he is probably too busy working on his next projects. The 76-year-old actor is set to star in two upcoming films: “Samaritan”, a superhero thriller, and “The Expendables 4”, the latest installment of his action franchise. He is also developing a prequel series for “Rocky”, which he will write and produce.

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