‘Creepy’ Vin Diesel video crawling to ‘beautiful’ interviewer resurfaces amid sexual battery claims

An awkward Vin Diesel interview has now resurfaced one day after a bombshell lawsuit was filed accusing the actor of sexual battery.

The “Fast and the Furious” star’s former assistant Asta Jonasson filed a suit saying that he “forced himself” on her in 2010.

The 2017 clip features Diesel, now 56, and Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira as he promotes his film “XXX: Return of Xander Cage.”

“God, you’re so beautiful, you’re so beautiful man, am I right or wrong?” Diesel asks in the video.

Moreira thanks him, as he interjects: “How am I supposed to do this interview?”

“She’s so beautiful. Let’s get out of here, let’s go have lunch. My God, I love her. Look how beautiful she is, God, I love her wow,” Diesel continued.

Diesel, 56 was interviewed by Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira back in 2017 for his film “XXX: The Return of Zander Cage.” Youtube/Carol Moreira

In another portion of the clip, he crawled toward her on his knees and noted: “She’s so f—ing beautiful it’s like, you can’t even do an interview with her.”

The video has also made its way to X, with some expressing their shock over his behavior.

“This is so f–king creepy holy sh-t,” a fan wrote. “Ewww,” another chimed in.

Some fans were grossed out by Diesel’s behavior towards the interviewer. Youtube/Carol Moreira

A second person chimed in: “One of the cringiest interviews ever. Gross!!”

As previously reported by The Post on Dec. 21, Diesel “categorically” denied Jonasson’s new claims via his lawyer.

The lawsuit was obtained by Vanity Fair and his ex-employee alleged he invited her to his suite at the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta after a club outing with the hostesses during the filming for “Fast Five.”

Jonasson claimed that when the other women departed, Diesel grabbed her wrists and pushed her onto the bed.

The “Fast and the Furious” star was accused by his former assistant Asta Jonasson for sexual battery on Thursday. Getty Images for Vanity Fair

She asked him to stop and then he reportedly went on to grope her breasts and kiss her chest.

“Ms. Jonasson was afraid to more forcibly refuse her supervisor, knowing that getting him out of that room was both crucial to her personal safety and job security,” the suit stated.

“But this hope died when Vin Diesel dropped to his knees, pushed Ms. Jonasson’s dress up toward her waist, and molested her body, running his hands over Ms. Jonasson’s upper legs, including her inner thighs.”

Diesel “categorically denies” Jonasson’s claims via his lawyer WireImage

Additionally, Jonasson alleged that she ran away from Diesel at one point toward the bathroom, but he allegedly pinned her against a wall and placed her hand on his “erect penis” as he then masturbated.

“Terrified, Ms. Jonasson closed her eyes, trying to dissociate from the sexual assault and avoid angering him,” the lawsuit stated.

“Ms. Jonasson then heard groaning noises from Vin Diesel …. Jonasson was frozen in a state of shock and unable to move.”

Jonasson had been hired to work for Diesel’s company, One Race, at the time. She has decided to now come foward with the accusations because of the Speak Out Act. The legislation prevents the enforcement of nondisclosure agreements, which Jonasson signed, in instances of sexual assault and harassment.

Diesel’s lawyer told the Post in a statement Thursday about the assistant’s accusations: “This is the first he has ever heard about this more than 13-year-old claim made by a purportedly nine-day employee. There is clear evidence which completely refutes these outlandish allegations.”

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-330-0226.

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