Drew Barrymore locks lips with Matt Bomer: ‘This is the only action I get’

She’s been kissed.

Drew Barrymore got a little lip action from Matt Bomer on Wednesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

While chatting with the actor and his “Fellow Travelers” co-star Jonathan Bailey, the “Never Been Kissed” star revealed that she and Bomer once shared a kiss with the same person.

“I’m proud to say that we actually kissed the same man who is also gay — Andrew Rannells,” Barrymore said, referring to an on-air smooch on her talk show last month with the Broadway star.

Bomer — who kissed Rannells on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” in 2018 — appeared intrigued responding, “Well, I think that we should round it out. We have to close the circle.”

He then leaned in to kiss Barrymore, which left viewers in a frenzy and the actress in awe as she immediately fell back into her chair after Bomer’s release.

Drew Barrymore kissed Matt Bomer during Wednesday’s episode of her talk show. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow
The two locked lips after the “Never Been Kissed” actress mentioned she had kissed the same man as the “Fellow Travelers” star. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow

“This is the only action I get. This is the only action I get!” she said while leaning back up. “I’ll just be in my single, celibate phase and just keep on fantasizing and come to work where I get the best life I’ve ever lived.”

Before the “White Collar” actor went in for the kiss, Barrymore, 48, gushed over his good looks.

“Matt, you’re so hot. I can’t believe I’m actually sitting next to you,” she told Bomer, 46, who tied the knot to Simon Hall in 2011.

“I’m proud to say that we actually kissed the same man who is also gay, Andrew Rannells,” Barrymore said. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow
To which Bomer suggested they “close the circle” and also kiss. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow

“In fact, by the way, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I never meet a straight man I’m attracted to, I only am attracted to gay men. What’s wrong with me?”

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Barrymore also swooned over Bailey, 35, for his steamy performance on the Netflix hit show “Bridgerton.”

“You have made me blush more in the last few years than I can handle,” she said.

Fans cheered as the actor bulled in the talk show host for a kiss. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow

Meanwhile, the “E.T.” star’s comments suggest she is single after she admitted to being off the market for three years in October.

Barrymore revealed her on-again, off-again romance while interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow on her show.

“I invited him to a wedding next weekend, and he said, ‘Wow, after three and a half years you are going to invite me to a wedding?’” she recalled at the time.

The Golden Globe winner was left in a frenzy as she fell back into her chair. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow

Barrymore — who was married to Will Kopelman for three years — hasn’t publicly dated since their 2016 split.

The former couple share daughters Olive, 11, and Frankie, 9.

She was also briefly married to bar owner Jeremy Thomas for two months in 1994, and later comedian Tom Green for five months in 2001.

Moments before, Barrymore had been gushing over Bomer’s good looks. YouTube/@TheDrewBarrymoreShow

After three trips down the aisle, the Golden Globe winner insisted she was done saying “I do.”

“Never. Never, never, never. I will never get married again!” the actress told People in 2020. “I never want to be entwined with someone like that again ever.”

“You break up, and you move on. You get divorced, and it’s just so different,” she said, adding she’s “open” to dating.

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