Erika Jayne takes jab at Denise Richards’ daughter’s OnlyFans, asks who’s ‘more profitable’

Erika Jayne sharpened her claws for her latest argument with Denise Richards.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Jayne, 52, dragged Richards’ 19-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, into the argument by rubbing her OnlyFans page in her mother’s face.

“I just want to know, who’s more profitable? You or Sami,” she asked with a straight face.

“That is a f–king low blow to bring up my daughter’s OnlyFans,” an enraged Richards said.

The diss came after the reality stars were fighting about why Richards, 54, has a problem with Jayne.

“I just want to know, who’s more profitable? You or Sami,” she asked Richards.

Richards revealed she’s still fuming over the fact that Jayne was speaking about threesomes at a shindig Richards hosted at her house during Season 10 of “RHOBH.” Sheen apparently heard the entire conversation, and Richards wasn’t happy about it.

After Richards confirmed the reason for her anger, a dumbfounded Jayne shot back, “OK, your oldest daughter’s on OnlyFans. She doesn’t know [what a threesome is?]”

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“That is a f–king low blow to bring up my daughter’s OnlyFans,” Richards shot back.
Richards and Sheen both joined the platform in June 2023.

Jayne didn’t appear to regret anything she said, and when Richards started attacking her character, Jayne clapped back.

“You came in slurring inarticulate, could not string two words together and wanted to call me a bitch,” Jayne fired at Richards, referencing a THC dinner party hosted at Kyle Richards’ house a few weeks earlier.

“You want me to sit here and pretend like it didn’t happen? What do you think, I’m not going to go to OnlyFans?”

The insult came as Jayne was calling out Richards for being mad at her for a conversation that occurred years ago.
Richards is not a fan of Jayne because she brought up threesomes during Season 10 of “RHOBH,” and a much younger Sheen heard the entire chat.

“I’m not going to go as f–king low as I can? Have you met me?” Jayne continued. “So here we are.”

The argument left their co-stars speechless.

Sheen, of course, announced her venture into OnlyFans in June 2022 and Denise was immediately supportive.

“All I can do as a parent is guide her and trust her judgment, but she makes her own choices,” Denise told Page Six at the time.

However, Jayne argued that Sheen is on OnlyFans and should know what threesomes are. Instagram/@samisheen

Then, after dealing with very public disapproval from Sheen’s father, actor Charlie Sheen, Denise decided to join the platform.

Jayne also claimed in Wednesday’s episode that Richards sells nude photos for only $7 on OnlyFans.

“That seems a little low for Denise f–king Richards. You can do better than that,” Garcelle Beauvais quipped in a confessional after hearing the news.

“How about, I don’t know, $10.”

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