‘Extreme Weight Loss’ star Brandi Mallory official cause of death revealed

“Extreme Weight Loss” star Brandi Mallory reportedly died on Nov. 9 due to complications of obesity.

The reality star’s official autopsy report obtained by TMZ on Tuesday reportedly stated that her weight, enlarged heart, and some elevated blood indicators suggestive of pre-diabetes were all factors in her overall health.

She did have marijuana and alcohol in her system at the time of her death, but the coroner claimed neither contributed to her death.

The docs also stated that there were no signs of a recent injury or reason to suspect foul play in her death.

The Post has contacted the Fulton County Medical Examiner for comment.

Mallory was found dead in her vehicle in the parking lot of an Atlanta-area Chipotle on Nov. 9. She had arrived at the restaurant, gone in, and returned to her car the day before.

She was 40.

Surveillance footage shows she never left the parking lot or got out of her car again.

Mallory died at age 40. Brandi Mallory/instagram

An owner of a nearby deli called police on the morning of Nov. 9 after he noticed the car remained there from the night before. He told dispatchers that the woman inside appeared to be sleeping.

“There’s a girl laying in her car. She don’t look right. I’ve knocked on the hood. No movement. Doesn’t look like she’s breathing,” the 911 caller said, according to audio obtained by TMZ.

Brandi Mallory was an Atlanta-area makeup artist. Brandi Mallory/instagram

“She’s leaning back in her seat,” he described the scene. “The feet’s sitting upright, but her head’s cocked off to the side towards the window,” the caller continued. “Her head’s back, mouth is open. Whatever glasses [are] up, off of her head, cocked to the side.”

Mallory appeared on the ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” in 2014. She continued her health journey by leading group dance workout classes.

Mallory was found dead in a Chipotle parking lot. Brandi Mallory/instagram

She made her Instagram post just days before her death. The charismatic makeup artist taste-tested the Lady Rose apple she had picked up at a farmer’s market and was unimpressed that the apple’s insides weren’t naturally red as she expected it to be.

She also appeared confident in an earlier post, writing, “The best question someone asked me was ‘Do you believe you can do it’?!’ My response: “I can’t lose…I ONLY win!”

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