Gwen Stefani’s TikTok Song Ranking Sparks Outrage On Twitter

Gwen Stefani via Instagram

Gwen Stefani is a pop legend who has given us some iconic songs over the years. From her No Doubt days to her solo career, she has a diverse and impressive discography that many fans adore. But when she decided to rank some of her best songs on TikTok, she caused a lot of controversy and backlash on Twitter.

The singer posted a video on her TikTok account where she reacted to some of her hits being played in a random order. She had to rank them from 1 to 10, with 1 being her favorite and 10 being her least favorite. She did not know what songs were going to be played, so it was supposed to be a spontaneous and fun challenge.

However, many fans were not happy with her choices. She ranked her latest single, “True Babe”, which is a love song about her husband Blake Shelton, as her number one song. She also ranked some of her classics, such as “What You Waiting For?”, “The Sweet Escape”, “Cool”, and “Luxurious”, very low on the list. She even ranked “Hollaback Girl”, which is arguably her most popular and iconic song, as number two.

Twitter users were quick to express their disappointment and disbelief at Gwen’s ranking. Some accused her of being biased and promoting her new song over her old ones. Some said that she had lost touch with her fans and her musical identity. Some even joked that she should be arrested or sued for disrespecting her own songs.

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Here are some of the tweets that criticized Gwen’s ranking:

● “ranking The Sweet Escape above What You Waiting For? is a criminal offense punishable by law”.

● “Gwen Stefani ranking her songs in the wrong order makes me wanna play her discography”

● “@gwenstefani you play too much. Girl Luxurious for #6!? Cool @ #8!? Hollaback Girl #2!?”

● “she put a brand new song nobody cares for at number 1 while the other songs we do care about are lower. @gwenstefani get help. collaborate with someone who will give us 2004 vibes again”

● “who is telling gwen stefani that we enjoy the love songs about blake shelton”

● “She needs jail time for this ranking”

Some fans defended Gwen and said that it was her personal preference and that she had the right to rank her songs however she wanted. They also pointed out that she was having fun and that it was not meant to be taken seriously.

Here are some of the tweets that supported Gwen’s ranking:

● “I love how Gwen Stefani ranked True Babe as #1 on TikTok. It shows how much she loves Blake Shelton and how happy she is with him.”

● “Gwen Stefani can rank her songs however she wants. She’s the one who made them and she knows them best. Stop hating on her for having an opinion.”

● “It’s just a TikTok video, calm down. Gwen Stefani was just playing along and having fun. She doesn’t owe you anything.”

Gwen has not responded to the backlash or explained her ranking yet. Maybe she will post another video where she ranks her No Doubt songs or her duets with Blake Shelton. Or maybe she will just ignore the haters and keep making music that makes her happy.

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