How ‘tired’ Prince William and Kate Middleton are handling the ‘Endgame’ book drama: expert

Omid Scobie’s recent tell-all, “Endgame,” has rocked the British royal family with its explosive anecdotes.

However, Prince William and Kate Middleton are seemingly too exhausted to pay more attention to “another bombshell book,” royal expert Nick Bullen revealed.

The True Royalty TV co-founder told Fox News that the Prince and Princess of Wales are simply “tired.”

“The anger has gone out of it,” he said recently. “A lot of the heat has gone out of it. It’s just a sense of, ‘Really? Again?’”

In the book, Scobie wrote that there were two members of the Firm who talked about the skin color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son, Archie, before he was born.

Piers Morgan outed the names and claimed they were Middleton, 41, and King Charles III, 75.

“But here we are again with … another book … and more revelations. So, I think a tiredness would probably be the way it’s being felt in the [Prince and Princess of Wales] household,” Bullen stated.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Royal Variety Performance on Nov. 30. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

He also believes that the Duchess of Cambridge’s “greatest strength” is that she “knows what her job is” — to support William, 41.

He noted that Middleton “rarely” gives interviews and doesn’t make the interviews she does give about her.

Middleton is reportedly “saddened” to learn that her name is being thrust into the limelight via “Endgame.” Zak Hussein /

“She’s always keen to make sure that the prince is front and center. But make no mistake, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is very strong and very clear on what she wants to achieve,” he said.

A Dutch translation of “Endgame” seemingly accidentally named two people in the Windsor clan.

The book made allegations that members of the royal family criticized the skin color of Markle and Harry’s son, Archie. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

According to an Us Weekly report from earlier this week, Middleton was upset to learn that her name has been dragged through the mud following the release of the biography.

“Kate was 100 percent not one of the people who discussed it,” the insider alleged about Middleton.

“She is saddened that her name got pulled into this because she had nothing to do with it.”

William and Middleton have appeared in public together on several occasions since the book’s release late last month.

Omid Scobie’s newest book, “Endgame,” dives deep into the feud that’s pitted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry against the rest of the royal family.

In London on Nov. 30, the couple attended the Royal Variety Performance, where they ignored press questions about “Endgame.”

The lovebirds held hands and kept smiling while on the red carpet, even as reporters were heard to shout questions at them such as: “Your Royal Highness, have you got a comment about Omid Scobie’s book?” 

That same day, they were all smiles as they welcomed Swedish royals Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel to Windsor Castle.

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