John Cena joins OnlyFans: ‘Like you’ve never seen me before’ [Source: @nypost]

You can’t unsee me.

John Cena launched his OnlyFans account Thursday on X, promising fans glimpses of him, “…like you’ve never seen me before.”

Curious followers clicking on the OnlyFans link that the 46-year-old WWE legend provided were taken to an OF account for his upcoming character in the R-rated dramedy “Ricky Stanicky.”

John Cena attends a “Ricky Stanicky” screening Feb. 21 in Miami Beach, Florida. Getty Images

“You’ve found the verified OnlyFans account for Ricky Stanicky; renowned impersonator, philanthropist, investment banker, socialite, cancer survivor and method actor,” the account’s bio reads. “Subscribe to get SPICY pics and vids! 🥵”

Cena plays the movie’s title character, who is an X-rated rock and roll impersonator hired by a trio of lifelong friends (Zac Efron, Andrew Santino and Jermaine Fowler) to portray their made-up friend, Ricky Stanicky.

It’s free to subscribe to the Stanicky OnlyFans account, but users must be 18 years old and create an OF account, which requires providing a credit card.

At the time of publication, there were two posts on Stanicky’s OF page: One is a three-second clip from the film of Cena dressed as Britney Spears in her iconic “..Baby One More Time” schoolgirl outfit, licking the ground.

“Anyone want to hit this one more time? 😜,” it’s captioned.

The other post is a two-second clip showing a sweaty Cena with a wallet in his mouth, as an off-camera character says, “We’ll calm him down, relax.”

Cena’s OnlyFans account is based on his character in the upcoming Amazon Prime Video movie “Ricky Stanicky.” OnlyFans/rickystanicky

“How deep can it go? 😜” that caption reads.

The Post has contacted a rep for Cena for comment.

While the OnlyFans announcement seems to be a publicity stunt to promote the new movie, fans on X went wild over the news.

OnlyFans is known for its X-rated content. Shutterstock

“…. What?” one person reacted to the seemingly out-of-character move by Cena.

“We’ve never been able to see you,” another fan joked about his famous “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase.

A third quipped, “This was not on my Bingo Card for 2024.”

“Ricky Stanicky” hits Amazon Prime Video on March 7.

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