John Stamos recalls drinking ‘a whole bottle of wine’ after 2015 DUI: ‘I never sobered up’

John Stamos recalls drowning his DUI sorrows in alcohol.

The “Full House” star, 60, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Beverly Hills in June 2015.

“When I did get the DUI … I came home from the hospital that night, I sat down [and] I drank a bottle of wine just to forget what just happened,” he told People Wednesday. “And I never sobered up.”

Still foggy from the “disappointing” situation, Stamos then hopped on a plane and flew to Canada to film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”

He said he drank throughout production to avoid the reality of the mess he was in.

“When you sober up, you have to look at the ugly truth, so you keep drinking,” the actor told the magazine. “So I was kind of just loosely buzzed through the shooting of that movie.”

The “Full House” star wanted to “forget what just happened.” WireImage

During an appearance on Mayim Bialik’s podcast earlier this week, Stamos admitted he doesn’t even remember filming the rom-com because he was so “liquored up.”

The “If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir” author said the DUI coupled with his subsequent behavior on that set was his lowest point.

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“That was bottom,” he told the “Big Bang Theory” star. “But I didn’t get it, and I just numbed myself for a few weeks after that.”

“And when I came home,” he continued, “my sisters were like, ‘OK, it’s time to go. We found this place.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, I’m ready.’”

Stamos then flew to Canada to film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,” where he continued to drink. johnstamos/Instagram
The actor, who is now married with a child, entered rehab in July 2015. johnstamos/Instagram

In July 2015, Stamos entered a 30-day substance abuse program because he had grown to despise the person he had become.

“I hated it. I really hated the way I felt, hated disappointing people, hated myself, hated looking in the mirror, going, ‘This is not who my parents raised. What am I doing? Who is this idiot?’” he told Bialik.

“I would be so embarrassed. I had everything growing up. I had a beautiful childhood. I had no excuse to f–k my life up. And I did, and it made me sick.”

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