Julia Roberts reveals ‘hardest drug’ she’s ever done: ‘Don’t try it at home!’

Julia Roberts revealed the “hardest drug” she’s ever taken is mushrooms.

The “Pretty Woman” star appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and participated in the show’s signature “Plead the Fifth” segment, during which guests have to answer at least two out of three questions.

“Julia Roberts, what is the hardest drug you’ve ever tried?” Andy Cohen asked.

Roberts, 56, initially hesitated before responding, “Mushrooms,” and the host followed up by asking whether it was a “positive experience.”

“Yeah, it was nice,” she said while nodding and laughing. “Kids, don’t try it at home!”

The Oscar winner did not elaborate on when she partook in the psychedelic drug nor whom she tripped out with.

Elsewhere in the game, Roberts labeled Jen Shah her “least favorite ‘Real Housewife’ of all time” because Shah went to prison for running a nationwide telemarketing scheme that targeted the elderly.

However, when Cohen asked her to rank three “iconic Julia Roberts films,” she immediately interrupted him to say she was “taking the fifth on this.”

Over 30 years ago, Roberts had to dispel rumors that she “had a problem with drugs” when she called off her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland just three days before they were set to say “I do” and was subsequently hospitalized for five days with the flu.

Julia Roberts revealed the “hardest drug” she’s ever done. Bravo
“Kids, don’t try it at home!” she said while laughing. Bravo

“This started, I can only assume, because I was so thin. And it’s just absurd, you know. I don’t know how anybody who would do drugs could function. I don’t — nor have I ever done drugs — and I guess it’s boring to be sort of a young actor in Hollywood and not have a drug problem. Well, then, I’m boring, and that’s cool with me, because I’ve got clear skin and clean arms, and I’m just thin. Period. The end. Quit picking on me, you know,” she told Entertainment Weekly in 1991.

The “Notting Hill” star emphasized that she never did “any drugs” and called the rumors “absurd and frustrating.”

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Roberts also candidly spoke about the topic when she starred in the 2018 film “Ben Is Back,” which centered around a character battling an opioid addiction.

During an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, the actress called the vaping trend among teenagers “hideous” and explained how she and her three kids handle the conversation of drugs.

The “Notting Hill” star didn’t go into detail about her psychedelic experience. Bravo
Roberts infamously shut down rumors she was a “drug addict” in 1991. Getty Images

“Fortunately, the five of us are super close and at dinner, which we have just about every night the five of us are together, it becomes part of the family conversation: ‘Do you know what this is?’ ‘Have you ever heard about this?’ ‘Well, have you ever done that?’ It’s about figuring it out together,” she said at the time.

Roberts shared that she tried to “put [her] sort of personal disgust” about drugs to the side to “be able to have a conversation” with her children.

The “Erin Brockovich” star shares twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 19, and son Henry, 16 with her husband of 21 years, Danny Moder.

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