Kim Kardashian’s Minecraft-Inspired Outfit Gets Roasted by Fans: ‘Worst Look Ever’

Kim Kardashian in pink pajamas

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to making headlines with her fashion choices, but her latest outfit has left many fans scratching their heads and cracking jokes.

The reality star attended Pharrell Williams’ debut show as the creative director for men’s Louis Vuitton in Paris, wearing a digitalized camo print two-piece with a floor-length fur coat. She accessorized the look with a matching fuzzy fanny pack and clear heels.

While the show was a success, featuring some of Hollywood’s biggest names like Zendaya, Beyoncé, and Rihanna, Kardashian’s outfit was a flop, according to many Twitter users who mercilessly mocked her ensemble.

Kim Kardashian for Louis Vuitton
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Some compared her outfit to a character from the popular video game Minecraft, which features pixelated graphics and blocky shapes. Others said she looked more like a wax figure than a human being.

“Okay its giving minecraft,” one user wrote, while another asked, “why does it look like a minecraft character help.”

“I thought this was the wax version of her – the janky one,” someone else said.

“Stop i thought this was a madame tussauds wax figure announcement,” joked another.

“That is the most hideous thing ive ever seen after kanye’s face,” a third said bluntly.

Some fans also questioned Kardashian’s stylist and urged her to get a new one.

“Okay the outfit tho… pls get another stylist Kim : (,” one user wrote.

“This is so ugly like camp was like 2019 or something,” another added.

“That cheap spandex she looks a mess,” a third quoted the Beyoncé song “Heated.”

Kardashian has been experimenting with her style ever since her divorce from Kanye West, who famously revamped her wardrobe when they started dating in 2012. The rapper dressed Kardashian in some of her most iconic looks, transforming her into a fashion icon.

Kim Kardashian for Louis Vuitton in Paris
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However, Kardashian admitted that she started having “panic attacks” without West as her stylist following their split in 2021.

“I got to a point where I would just ask him for advice for everything, down to what I wear,” the reality TV star explained on her Hulu series.

Despite the backlash, Kardashian has also received praise for some of her recent outfits, such as the black Balenciaga bodysuit she wore to the Met Gala and the white wedding dress she donned at West’s Donda listening event.

Whether fans love it or hate it, Kardashian always knows how to make a statement with her fashion.

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