Kim Zolciak tries to cash in on rumors she cheated on Kroy Biermann amid money woes

Kim Zolciak is cashing in on the clicks.

After the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum was accused of cheating on her estranged husband Kroy Biermann, she encouraged fans to click on a link in her Instagram bio to read her statement about the drama.

Zolciak — whose financial woes have been followed by fans over the last year — seemingly makes some affiliate income when she successfully directs fans to the ad-filled page.

In the Celebuzz article, which is titled “Kim Zolciak speaks out about body cam footage of Kroy Bierman,” the reality star addresses the allegations made by Biermann to police when they were called to their house over a domestic dispute last month.

Clicking the link seemingly makes some money for the reality star — who is also reportedly facing serious financial hardship. kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

In the bodycam footage, the former NFL player, 38, claimed they had “no money” and “no house,” and that Zolciak was cheating on him.

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In the link, Zolciak denied cheating on her estranged husband Kroy Biermann, who is the one who accused her of being unfaithful. kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

“The comments made in the body cam footage from Kroy who is obviously enraged are untrue,” the 45-year-old entrepreneur stated about his accusations.

“I vehemently deny any allegation that I have been unfaithful to Kroy at any point in our 12-year marriage. Any claim to the contrary is downright false, baseless, and slanderous.”

“I have tried not to speak on these hurtful allegations,” she continued, “but I am at a breaking point with this and I will not stay silent when my character is being assassinated.”

The pair first filed for divorce in May after 11 years of marriage and have been off-and-on since. kimzolciak/Instagram

“Any other allegations made from any videos that are in the press will be addressed by my legal team at an appropriate time,” Zolciak warned.

She concluded by thanking all of her fans for their support.

In the shocking bodycam footage, Zolciak told a responding officer that she simply wants her marriage to Biermann to be over.

In their divorce proceedings, Biermann accused Zolciak of spending their money on gambling. kroybiermann/Instagram
He accused her of financially ruining their family. kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram

“I mentally, physically, emotionally cannot take it any longer,” she said, clearly shaken.

However, just a week after their explosive fight — during which their minor son told cops Biermann was hitting his mom — the off-and-on couple were seen grabbing hibachi together like nothing happened.

The reality star’s “link in bio” post came about three weeks after she was dragged by fans for posting a link to her daughter Brielle Biermann’s fake sonogram and pregnancy announcement.

Zolciak, who has been selling her and her daughter’s designer items online, denies being financially unstable. kimzbiermann/Instagram

“Broke broke as a joke joke,” one user slammed, with another adding, “Kim DESPERATE for money honey.”

Zolciak proactively turned off her comment section on her most recent post.

Despite the Kashmere founder’s denial that she has money problems, fans can’t help but think otherwise when she has been selling designer items from her and Brielle’s closets for months.

However, the couple has faced foreclosure twice and is facing several lawsuits for unpaid bills. Getty Images

Furthermore, her and Biermann’s Georgia mansion has faced foreclosure not once but twice, and they have been sued by a handful of companies for missing payments.

Plus, Biermann has accused his former “Don’t Be Tardy” co-star of financially ruining their family partly due to her habit of “spending substantial time and marital funds on gambling and other games of chance.”

The pair first filed for divorce in May, but have reconciled — and then split — several times.

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