Kylie Kelce Reacts to Kaitlin Olson Winning Her Signed Eagles Jacket

Kylie Kelce Reacts to Kaitlin Olsen Outbidding Husband Rob McElhenney on Her Signed Eagles Jacket 133
Courtesy of Kylie Kelce/Instagram ; Kaitlin Olson/Instagram

Kaitlin Olson has received her Eagles jacket signed by Kylie Kelce — and Jason Kelce’s wife approves.

The actress, 48, took to Instagram on Tuesday, December 12, to show off her one-of-a-kind letterman jacket.

“It has arrived and it’s glorious. (It’s also most definitely a men’s jacket after all. Oops.) Thank you @eaglesautism for your incredible work and @kykelce @jason.kelce and @killatrav for the fundraiser!” Olson captioned the post. “I was NOT wearing this last night and will not be held responsible for the outcome of the game. #gobirds.”

Kylie, 31, reshared the photo via her Instagram Story, writing, Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for supporting @eaglesautism … and now we match!!!!”

Kylie’s limited edition merch was in high demand when the auction for the Eagles Autism Foundation went live last month. The NFL team shared several photos of Kylie modeling the “iconic ’90s Eagles Letterman Jacket” once worn by the late Princess Diana to kick off the excitement in November.

Kylie Kelce Reacts to Kaitlin Olsen Outbidding Husband Rob McElhenney on Her Signed Eagles Jacket 132
Courtesy of Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Olson’s husband, Rob McElhenney, quickly became the bidder to beat when he put down $10,050 in the auction, writing via X (formerly Twitter) at the time, “A great cause and the greatest jacket ever made? Yes please. @JasonKelce @Eagles @eaglesautism.”

It didn’t take long for someone else to join the bidding war, which encouraged McElhenney to increase his offer to $35,000. “😮 Okay jabroni. I’m getting that jacket,” he shared via X alongside a screenshot of the message reading, “You’ve been outbid.”

McElhenney later learned his wife secretly secured the highly-coveted item. The couple later appeared on Jason, 36, and Travis Kelce‘s “New Heights” podcast to discuss the identity of the auction’s winner.

“I was just on Twitter … and I saw that the jacket was up for auction and it was a great foundation, something that we believe in and love and have a lot of connections to,” McElhenney said during the November 29 episode. “And I really love the jacket, I thought it was beautiful. I thought, ‘Hey, this is a great cause, a great jacket. Put me in for $10,000.’ And I think within a couple of days, someone came in for [$20,000].”

The actor recalled being shocked by how high the competing bid went, saying, “I thought, ‘Wow, alright. Now we’re getting serious.’ Now it feels personal.”

McElhenney recalled how he was initially convinced that Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie was the secret bidder. “They were having issues [on the site] because I was smashing the button as hard as I could,” he teased. “I couldn’t believe somebody was immediately jumping on every time I bid.”

After McElhenney put in his final offer of $62,000, he received a message from his competition. “I got a text from somebody that I know who said, ‘I’ve been the one bidding against you, bozo,’” he continued. “It did not even cross my mind that this was a possibility. And it turned out that I live with this person.”

Olson, who married McElhenney in 2008, joined the podcast episode as well to discuss how she secretly got in on the bidding action.

“I find out on [social media] how much he’s bidding. And from Jason Kelce who’s saying he’s crashing the site. I was like, ‘No, no, I’ll be crashing the site,’” she quipped. “I win, basically. I win. … He will not be wearing the jacket, ever.”

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