Look what she made them do: Swifties get Taylor’s face tattooed on them

Taylor Swift has left her mark on these superfans.

Swifties across the globe are showing their devotion to the pop princess by having tattoos of her face permanently inked on their skin.

Marcel Zuniga Vega got a nearly 10-inch tattoo of Swift’s face needled into his right shoulder and upper arm in 2021.

“It makes me so happy because people recognize Taylor’s face,” Vega told The Post.

The 33-year-old biologist leads the Taylor Swift fan club in Costa Rica, and researched the best tattoo artists in his country before taking the plunge.

He then paid $250 for the impressive five-hour ink job, drawn from a photo she took for her Evermore album.

“It was exactly how I imagined it,” he said.

Stokes-on-Kent, England resident Hayley Griffiths got a tattoo on her leg drawn from a photo of Swift in a recording studio.

Marcel Zuniga Vega of Costa Rica got a nearly 10-inch tattoo of Taylor on his shoulder and upper arm. Courtesy of Marcel Zuniga Vega

Above it, there’s a Cornelia Street sign, which pays homage to Swift’s song inspired by her Greenwich Village townhouse.

“I love that particular photo of her and ‘Cornelia Street’ is one of my favorite songs,” said Griffiths, 38, who got the $375 tat in October.

Pennsylvanian Kaitlyn Smith made her first Swift tattoo appointment in June, the week after she saw the singer in concert during her Eras Tour.

Hayley Griffiths got this tattoo of Swift on her leg. Courtesy of Hayley Griffiths
Griffiths’ tattoo is based off of this photo of Swift in a recording studio.

The piece is based on her hit “Anti-Hero,” and depicts the songstress in warrior armor holding a sword.

“I like the message of it,” said Smith, 24, of the song that inspired the $400-dollar arm ink. “And I wanted something that had the concert feel to it, which is why I did her blue outfit.”

Just a few months later, Smith got a second Swift tattoo — of a hand with nails “each individually painted for one of her albums.”

Chyna Damm, a 24-year-old dietary aide, drove two hours from her home in Glendive, Montana, to North Dakota to get hers, which took five hours and cost about $850.

Kaitlyn Smith’s tattoo is based on Swift’s song “Anti-Hero.” Courtesy of Kaitlyn Smith
Chyna Damm’s tattoo was drawn by an artist in North Dakota. Courtesy of Chyna Damm

“I was okay with spending that much on my tattoo because I’ve loved Taylor for almost 16 years,” she said.

“She’s taught me so much, and reminds me every day to be unapologetically myself.”

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