Michael B. Jordan’s Car Accident Reportedly Under Investigation

Michael B. Jordan’s recent Los Angeles car crash is reportedly under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department after a video of the accident went viral.

“Michael B. Jordan crashing out in Hollywood racing another Ferrari,” one Instagram caption claimed. In the video, which was posted on Wednesday, December 13, Jordan’s blue Ferrari can be seen driving alongside a red Ferrari before the actor seemingly lost control of the vehicle and smashed into a parked car.

According to a Friday, December 15, report from TMZ, the LAPD is looking to prove that Jordan, 36, “was behind the wheel of the racing Ferrari.” If law enforcement finds “criminal culpability” in their investigation, they can “forward the case to prosecutors for possible charges,” TMZ’s report revealed.

Jordan was behind the wheel of his Ferrari on December 3 when he crashed into a parked Kia, the LAPD referred to the incident as a “traffic collision of a vehicle into a parked [car],” in a statement at the time, noting there were no signs of foul play or evidence of a DUI.

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The LAPD also confirmed that no arrests were made at the scene, noting that Jordan and the Kia driver did exchange information. Photos from the accident showed that the right fender and one tire had been ripped off Jordan’s car.

Michael B Jordans LA Car Accident Reportedly Under Investigation After Crash Video Goes Viral

Michael B Jordan LA Car Accident

The video of the accident, originally shared on Wednesday, has since been reposted across various social media platforms. Jordan, for his part, has yet to speak publicly about the incident.

Tenshi Angel, the driver of the red vehicle in the video, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the incident on Friday, noting that he was “just vibing out” when the blue Ferrari came up on the side of his vehicle.

“We was just kind of, like, pacing. This was before the recording there was, like, two blocks away,” Angel recalled. “We were just cruising. And then — I think it was like the next block, like halfway — we were revving the engines a little bit, then once we got to the next block that was when we was like, ‘Oh.’ Honk[ed] three times. I took off, and that’s what happened.”

Angel went on to say that they were “revving engines” but not “going fast at all.” He noted that the cars “weren’t exactly side by side” when the accident happened.

“He was a little bit behind me, maybe I want to say like a foot,” Angel explained. “When you’re in those types of cars … sometimes it’s hard to see.”

Angel remembered “picking up speed” in his car before noticing that the other Ferrari “wasn’t there anymore.” He added, “Then I slowed down.”

If he had known that Jordan had crashed, Angel said he would have “stopped to help him.” He added, “I thought he turned the corner or something and maybe didn’t want to go. I just kept going.”

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