‘RHOM’ star Dr. Nicole Martin blasts ‘RHOBH’ newbie Annemarie Wiley for ‘belittling’ Sutton Stracke’s medical issues

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Dr. Nicole Martin is calling out Annemarie Wiley, a fellow Bravolebrity who also practices medicine, for her “cringey” comments about her co-star Sutton Stracke’s medical issues.

“It does not matter where you fall on the spectrum — all the way from being a tech to being a doctor. You joined the profession to be an advocate for patients, and as such, it is not our place to belittle, question or demean a patient’s symptoms or diagnosis,” Martin, 38, said in a video posted on Instagram Friday.

“We are there to facilitate and help the patient through the medical process, and it was just very uncomfortable and cringey to watch Annemarie belittle Sutton’s symptoms in such a way.”

The “RHOM” star, who is an anesthesiologist, said she met Wiley, nurse anesthetist, at BravoCon 2023 and found her to be a “lovely” person, but still disagreed with how the reality star handled her co-star’s health problems.

Dr. Nicole Martin slammed Annemarie Wiley for her remarks about co-star Sutton Stracke’s health issues. Instagram/@drnicolemartin

On the latest season of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Wiley, 40, confronted Stracke, 52, over her claim that she was able to drink alcohol while taking a drug that she takes for neuropathy, a condition that causes weakness, numbness and pain in the body due to damaged nerves.

“But you can’t [drink],” the “RHOBH” newbie argued in the Nov. 13 episode, prompting the Sutton store owner to reply, “My doctor says yes.”

Wiley then added in front of the other “RHOBH” cast members, “I mean you can do what you want, but they’re technically not supposed to be had together.”

“It is not our place to belittle, question or demean a patient’s symptoms or diagnosis,” Martin said in her video. Instagram/@drnicolemartin

Another health issue that Stracke deals with surrounding her esophagus was then brought up.

At that point, Wiley said in a confessional interview, “After hearing about Sutton’s small esophagus, as a nurse anesthetist, I’m, like, what she’s saying as stated just doesn’t make sense. Period.”

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The reality star, who is married to former NFL pro Marcellus Wiley, then told Stracke during the group discussion, “As far as I understand … narrow esophagus, that’s a symptom of something, that’s not a medical diagnosis. If you have a stricture in your esophagus, all you do is chew your food more.”

“If you really have a problem, you go get treatment for that,” she added.

Wiley, who is an anesthetist, repeatedly pushed back on Stracke’s claim that her doctor approved of her drinking while taking a medication for neuropathy. Instagram/@annemariewiley

Stracke appeared visibly uncomfortable and said in response, “You’re not my doctor. … Why am I having a doctor’s appointment right now?”

She then added that she has a family history of this problem, adding, “My brother gets his stretched out. I choose not to do that. Shall we go get my esophagus stretched out all together as a group?”

Aside from her video response, Martin also chimed in on the back-and-forth between Annemarie and Stracke in the comments section of her post.

“You’re not my doctor,” Stracke pushed back at Annemarie during the Nov. 13 episode. Bravo

“Lets not do this #gaslighting 🚦🚫 Gaslighting can happen in medicine too,” she wrote.

“Medical gaslighting occurs when a medical professional dismisses or downplays a patient’s physical symptoms or attributes them to something else, like a psychological condition. Numerous factors can contribute to this behavior, but ultimately the patient is impacted so let’s do better 👎🏼”

Martin also directed her followers to check out Dr. Tiffany Moon’s reaction to the “RHOBH” scene, as the former “Real Housewives of Dallas” star was the first Bravoleb with medical experience to weigh in.

Aside from her neuropathy struggles, Stracke also opened up on “RHOBH” about her esophagus issues. Bravo

“I think it was very disturbing how Annemarie was weaponizing her medical profession to tell Sutton things about her own condition,” the Texas-based anesthesiologist said in a clip on Instagram on Sunday.

“The whole scene was kind of cringey to me. I don’t know what made her go at Sutton so hard, especially when it was her party. I found that to be incredibly rude but, yeah, let’s not weaponize our medical knowledge to come at people, especially when you’re wrong.”

Page Six has reached out to Annemarie’s rep for comment on the criticism she’s received but did not immediately hear back in time for publication.

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