Scott Disick shows off bizarre $150K couch also owned by Kim Kardashian

Scott Disick appears to be getting interior design inspiration from Kim Kardashian.

The “Talentless” founder flaunted his dune sofa from Pierre Paulin, which the “Kardashian” star also owns, on Instagram Thursday.

The pale pink arched couch consists of multiple 27.5-inch by 27.5-inch modules that cost between $5,400 and $8,200 each in 2019, per Architectural Digest.

But the entire interchangeable fixture, such as the one Disick and the Skims founder own (extending about 12-feet by 12-feet), can reach up to $150,000, according to Art News.

It’s assumed the cost of the couch and its parts — also owned by Frank Ocean and Kanye West — have gone up in recent years.

Disick took to social media to highlight his Hanukkah celebrations, but his sofa, which was originally designed by Paulin in the 1970s, got the most attention.

Scott Disick showed off his estimated $150,000 couch, also owned by Kim Kardashian. Instagram/@kimkardashian
The Talentless founder’s dune sofa from Pierre Paulin was seen on Instagram Thursday. Instagram/@letthelordbewithyou

Also in his photo were blue letter balloons spelling out “Happy Hanukkah!”

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Disick echoed his excitement for the holiday by captioning the snap, “HAPPY HANUKKAH MY JEWS!!!🕎.”

The reality star turned off the comments for his post.

The furniture consists of multiple modules that were known to cost up to $8,200 each in 2019. Instagram/@kimkardashian

Meanwhile, Kardashian was previously mocked for showcasing her gray dune couch on social media last year.

At the time, the mom of four posted to Instagram to show off a pianist she hires annually for the Christmas season.

“@philthekeys comes over every morning to wake my kids up by playing the piano while the mad morning rush is happening to calm their little souls and fill it with beautiful Christmas songs,” she wrote on Instagram in December 2022, per The US Sun.

Kardashian was previously mocked when she revealed her dune couch on social media last year. Instagram/@kimkardashian

But her fans were too fixated on the furniture in front of the grand piano to pay attention to the holiday tunes.

“It’s like they’re living in a department store,” one person commented, according to the outlet.

“[The couch] is sorta fugly but I bet it’s comfy af,” another chimed in.

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