Tom Cruise’s famous $125 coconut cake has arrived — see Glen Powell’s special delivery and note

The famous cake is cruise-ing in. 

According to Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” co-star Glen Powell, Cruise’s famous cake has arrived for the 2023 holiday season. 

On Monday, Powell, 35, posted a photo in his Instagram Stories of a cake plate and silver slicer splattered with white crumbs and icing. Next to it, a typed note read, “To: Glen Powell. Warmest wishes to you this holiday season. Tom Cruise.” 

The annual cake from Cruise, 61, has become the stuff of legend in Hollywood.

The famous “Tom Cruise Cake” is a white chocolate-coconut Bundt cake from Doan’s Bakery in California that has a hefty price tag of $125. 

Created in 1984 by bakery founder Karen Doan, the cake has chunks of white chocolate, a layer of cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut flakes on top.

The famous Tom Cruise Cake, as shared by Rosie O’Donnell last year Instagram/Rosie O’Donnell
Cruise has become known for his exclusive “cake list.” GC Images

Cruise sends the cake to a shortlist of celebs.

Last year, during an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” Powell revealed, “Tom Cruise has this amazing tradition every holiday. He sends the Tom Cruise Cake. The Cruise Cake is a very famous thing. If you’ve worked with Tom Cruise or done a Tom Cruise movie, you get the Cruise cake. Over the course of time, it’s turned into this global operation, where every Christmas, he’ll send out — it could be thousands.”

He went on to describe it as “the most delicious cake you’ve ever had. It’s a coconut Bundt cake. My friends that have tried it love it so much that they hit me up right around Dec. 1, like, ‘Hey, has it arrived yet?’ So now I’ll have a Cruise Cake party at my house, and I’ll invite people over to try a bite or two of the Cruise Cake. It’s a cake party, just the Cruise Cake.”

Glen Powell said he has a “cake party” to share the Tom Cruise Cake with his friends. WireImage
Powell guessed that Cruise sends the cake out to “thousands.” Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock

According to James Corden, Cruise himself has not tried the cake. 

“It’s unbelievable, I would say almost everybody he meets who works on ‘The Late Late Show’ gets one of these cakes. It’s like our head writers, Ian and Lauren, you know, different people that he’s met, he’s just so gracious and generous,” Corden said during a 2022 appearance on “Heart Breakfast.”

“But here’s the most amazing thing. He’s never tried it!” said Corden, swearing that this is true, “on my life!”

According to the Sun, Cruise arranged for 300 cakes to be shipped on a private jet from LA to London in 2021 to give to the “Mission: Impossible” cast and crew. 

Powell’s post with the empty cake plate and note Instagram/Glen Powell
Alex Zane also posted about getting the cake. Instagram/Alex Zane
Zane posing with his cake box Instagram/Alex Zane

Rosie O’Donnell has also posted about receiving the cake in the past, sharing a photo of the dessert and writing on Instagram, “My Tommy sent me a coconut cake!! I love that guy.”

Tom Hanks has also gushed about how the cake is a hit with his production company, Playtone.

“[Colleagues in Playtone] start eyeing: What mail has come in? Is the big box coming in? Are we getting, what has essentially been called, the Tom Cruise Cake?” Hanks said while on Mythical Kitchen’s YouTube series “Last Meals.”

Other celebs who have spoken about getting the famous Cruise gift include Cary Elwes, Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance, Elle and Dakota Fanning, Miles Teller and Cobie Smulders. 

“I’m very proud to be on the list,” Jon Hamm said. Instagram/Alex Zane
Kirsten Dunst described it as “the best coconut cake I’ve ever had in my life.” WireImage

“I’m on the list. I’m very proud to be on the list,” Jon Hamm told “Dish Nation.” 

“He gives me a cake every Christmas,” Kirsten Dunst told Graham Norton during a 2016 appearance on his show. “We call it the Cruise Cake at my house. It’s the best coconut cake I’ve ever had in my life.”

Brooke Shields, however, used to be on the list — but has since been removed. 

“I was on the list for a while. I had a good 10-year run, and I got the coconut cake every year, which I was very happy [about],” Shields, 58, told People. 

Cruise criticized Shields in 2005 for taking antidepressants for postpartum depression after the birth of her first child, Rowan, now 19. In response, Shields wrote an op-ed in the New York Times

The feud apparently ended, as Shields was invited to his 2006 wedding to his now-ex-wife Katie Holmes. 

Shields said she wasn’t “exactly sure” why she got booted off the coveted list. “I want to get back on that cake list. It’s the best cake,” Shields told the outlet.

 She pleaded: “Tom, I need to be back on the cake list.”

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