Tom Holland Shines in The Crowded Room Despite Mixed Reviews

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Tom Holland is one of the most popular and versatile actors of his generation. He has played Spider-Man, a drug-addicted veteran, a medieval monk, and now, a man with 24 personalities. In The Crowded Room, a new limited series on Apple TV+, Holland portrays Danny Sullivan, a young man who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and becomes the first person to use it as a defense in a criminal trial.

The Crowded Room is based on the true story of Billy Milligan, who was accused of several rapes in Ohio in the late 1970s. The series changes some details of the case, such as the location, the nature of the crime, and the names of the characters. However, it still explores the complex and controversial aspects of Danny’s condition, such as his childhood trauma, his multiple alters, and his legal battle.

The series is created by Akiva Goldsman, who won an Oscar for writing A Beautiful Mind, another film about mental illness. Goldsman also serves as an executive producer and writer for most of the episodes. The series also boasts a talented cast that includes Amanda Seyfried as Rya Goodwin, a psychologist who tries to help Danny; Emmy Rossum as Candy, a mysterious woman who becomes Danny’s ally; Sasha Lane as Ariana, Danny’s friend and roommate; and Will Chase as Marlin, Danny’s abusive father.

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The Crowded Room has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised Holland’s performance as exceptional and captivating, while others criticized the series for being slow, confusing, and frustrating. Some also questioned the accuracy and sensitivity of the portrayal of dissociative identity disorder, which is still a controversial and misunderstood diagnosis.

However, despite the flaws and criticisms, The Crowded Room is still worth watching for those who are interested in a gripping and challenging story that explores the human mind and its mysteries. The series offers a rare glimpse into the lives of people who struggle with multiple identities and how they cope with their trauma and reality. The series also showcases Holland’s range and talent as an actor who can transform into different characters with ease and conviction.

The Crowded Room is available to stream on Apple TV+.

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