YouTuber Brooke Schofield Details Past Fling With Matt Rife

YouTuber Brooke Schofield Says Ex Fling Matt Rife Made Her Feel Dumb
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Matt Rife is in hot water once again. The comedian’s ex Brooke Schofield claimed that he was also talking to “20 women” when they were together earlier this year.

“I’m on TikTok the other day, and I get tagged in this video and it’s her and Matt,” Schofield, 27, shared during an episode of her and Tana Mongeau’s “Cancelled” podcast, which was released on December 8. When Schofield went to the comments section of the video, the girl claimed that the photos were from “the beginning of this year.”

So, Schofield DMed the social media user and asked for the “timeline.” She was then allegedly added to group chat with multiple “beautiful, strange women” who claimed to have experiences with Rife.

“There were timelines, there were Venn diagrams, we were comparing notes. It was so crazy,” Schofield claimed. “For a man who doesn’t have time, this man had the most time.”

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Previously, Schofield referred to a mystery man she was seeing as “Mr. DC.” Schofield revealed his identity to be Rife on Friday’s podcast.

“It wasn’t this serious relationship, it was more … I wasn’t just hooking up with him,” Schofield explained. “I really liked him. More so from his end, he was the one who was initiating the conversations that were like, ‘I haven’t felt this way about anybody in so long.’ To anybody with common sense it’s love-bombing but I had, at that point, seriously lost all my marbles.”

Things started to unravel when Schofield traveled to see Rife’s comedy shows but when they were in Los Angeles together, he allegedly did not reciprocate and that made her “feel dumb.” Then, when Rife appeared on the “Cancelled” podcast in June, Schofield alleged that he was “pretending” not to know her.

Schofield decided to share her experience with Rife after she and Mongeau were getting dragged online for being “apologists” of the controversial comedian on their “Cancelled” podcast. (Mongeau noted she never wanted people to think that, while Schofield admittedly “thought the world of him.”)

Schofield said when she went to reach out to Rife about the apparent group chat of women and discovered that he apparently “blocked” her. (Rife is currently in a relationship with Jessica Lord.)

“I go to send him a little message. I want to get my facts straight, as if my facts aren’t straight enough,” Schofield said. “I wasn’t even rude. I just sent him a text, and I was like, ‘How embarrassing is it that I’m literally currently getting dragged for defending you while also in a group chat with seven other girlfriends you had?’ What the f—k. He blocked my f–king number.”

Us Weekly reached out to Rife’s team who declined to comment.

This current controversy comes after Rife was called out online over his Natural Selection Netflix special, which was released last month. While he was receiving backlash over a barrage of jokes focusing on special needs and domestic violence, Rife stayed unbothered, sharing an “official apology” via his Instagram Story that directed social media users to an online store to buy Special Needs Helmets.

While he’s been plagued by controversy in recent weeks, Rife’s comedy career has continued to thrive. On Wednesday, December 13, it was announced that Rife would headline the Netflix is a Joke Fest taking place in Los Angeles this coming spring.

“We have the privilege of working with comedians who are selling out arenas, winning awards and building fandoms in the millions,” Robbie Praw, Netflix’s Vice President, stand-up and comedy formats, shared in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter of the festival. “In the 10 years that we’ve been doing stand-up we’ve seen the art form reach levels we didn’t think possible.”

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